Bangkok from the river Attic of an old farm house  The network of waterways, the klongs, shows a slice of Bangkok life. More life on the klongs  The hight of the pilings shows the difference between the current low water to monsoon swollen waterways.  Much was rebuilt after a recent monsoon. Bonsai tree in the Royal Palace grounds  Each year, there is a bonsai tree contest.  The winners get permanently planted with prior winners. Roof detail
Pagoda and shrine roof Buddha with Hindu Gods Djinns holding up a pagoda A Djinn Frieze
More Djinns Shrine in the Royal Palace Shrine detail Pagoda detail Temple guardian
Local alleyway  Behind our hotel was a mazework of narrow passages lined with convenience shops, tailors, barbers, and more forming self sufficient quarter. Motorcycles in the alleyway Local window Personal spirit shrine Seven Eleven!  The local Seven Eleven carries the essentials including a good selection of liquors.
Pad Thai vendor  Risking it, I agreed with my guide's suggestion of pad thai.  It was hot, fresh, and wonderful. Purveyor of drinking club  Just around the corner from our hotel was an impromptu drinking club.  We didn't share a language beyond smiles and friendship.  He offered a drink.  I wound up spending  half an hour with this guy and his three friends. The Man Happy photographer Street restaurant
Flower market Ribbon shop in Bangkok Chinatown Wig shop Children's goods store Our favorite restaurant  This restaurant was a five minute boatride across the river from our hotel.  We liked it so much we had three dinners there.  My favorite dish was Tom Yum Thale - a rich seafood soup.  The shrimp version is frequently found in Thai restaurants in the US.
Iconic suspension bridge