Yangon street market book shop  Look at the Shwedagon book - you'll be seeing Fred's pictures of this pagoda later. Butchery  Open air shop.  Sarongs are the typical clothing. Senior monk studying  Buddhism threaded its way through our trip, partially because the countries visited are heavily Buddhist. Also, some of our guides had been monks and we visited many monasteries, temples, and shrines.  This and the next two images are from our first monastery visit. Young monk studying  I closed my eyes and meditated briefly to the students droning their lessons.  Great beginning to the Buddhist bent of the trip. Young monks studying
The largest Buddha in Myanmar  This used to be in the open air.  Recently, a housing was built to protect it. Ferry boats on the Yangon River Rice sacks Rickshaw driver Cinching up a laden truck
Razor clam vendor  Thanaka, from ground tree bark, has been used for facial ornamentation for millenia. Its scent is similar to sandalwood. Women preparing fish  A stall at the major fish market along the Yangon River. Fish Ice truck at the fish market Crushed ice for the fish stalls
Yangon River harbor Sunset behind a boat ramp Flower vendor Produce Butchery
Shwedagon Buddhas  The Shwedagon Pagoda and its many surrounding smaller pagodas, stupas, and shrines form the most sacred place for Myanmar Buddhists.  This is a room of large Budda figures. Refurbishment  The Shwedagon pagodas and shrines are continually repaired.  New gold leaf is applied as the old wears away.  The central pagoda is covered in gold plates. Shrine Guarded shrine in Shwedagon Another shrine  Note the modern touches - light show in the center and the monitor to the side.
Initiates  Young children get initiated as monks and nuns.  The ceremony commemerates the Buddha's origins as a prince. The first monk experience is typically a week.  Many spend weeks a year throughout their lives. Initiate surrounded by family  Before and behind the boy is a procession of extended family and freinds. Group shot of the initiates' family  I was fortunate to be there as the event photographer was setting up the group shot. Ritual sweeping of the temple Bathing the Buddha  From a Hindu custom, Buddhists poor water over the statue of the Buddha to gain karma favor.
Repair work Bell Shrine in a pagoda  This is in a pagoda in the Myanmar countryside. Old shrine walls Girl with thanaka
Beggars at a monastery Begging family Bathing Motorcycles at a market Poultry stall  The fan keeps the flies away.
Dried fish Spice stall Coils of wire Brass ornaments Sculpted stone Buddhas
Sculpting Buddhas Touching up a Buddha Emerging brass reclining Buddha at a foundry Brass dragons at a foundry Bamboo on the Yangon River  The local people, among the poorest in the area, split and weave the bamboo to make room partitions.
Construction worker  Pipes are laid down to the Yangon River edge for sand extraction. River fishing with traditional nets Making paper with flower and leaf inclusions The dried result Parasols at the paper factory shop
Traditional fisherman on Inle Lake  The fishermen beat the water with their oars to stun the fish, then lower their conical nets to capture them.  They poke tridents into the end to catch the fish. A fisherman raising his net at sunset Conical net fishing on Inle Lake Fire stick juggling Long-necked woman weaving
Another long-necked woman Heddle loom Town on stilts in Lake Inle Tour mates at the final dinner  The “MYSTICAL MYANMAR” PHOTOGRAPHIC TOUR 7-17TH MARCH 2013 was organized by Denis Glennon, third from right, leader of Iconic Images International.  Personal comment: it was fabulous.  I highly recommend Denis's tours, but be prepared to work hard.